I spent much of the second half of my Easter Holidays in April excitedly researching venues / caterers for my first ever Yoga and Brunch event! After visiting lots of local venues and receiving some lovely responses from a range of local, vegan caterers, I am super excited to say that I will be holding a Yoga and Brunch event at Rushden Lakes on May 26th, with food being provided by Bharita, a vegan company who love supporting wellbeing related events. I really can’t wait! I must admit that the date isn’t working out too well for most of my yogis; being the May Bank Holiday weekend lots of people are away or at weddings etc. However, as I type this, there are only 5 tickets left to sell. If this event is a success, I hope to hold monthly events just like this, perhaps exploring different venues / themes etc. I love Yoga and a love organising/ planning events, so this is right up my street!

I really enjoyed covering lots of Yoga classes in the first week of my Easter Holidays. I ended up covering a Pilates class – that was interesting! The lovely ladies seemed genuinely worried about what I had planned for them, many of them debating whether or not to stay! However after some encouragement, I taught them a super relaxing flow. I actually received a round of applause at the of class, and one lady came up to me and said “I really enjoyed that….and I hate Yoga!!

At the end of the Month, I attend a workshop on “The Art of Adjustments” for Yoga teachers. I have always really enjoyed it when experienced teachers have eased my shoulders down in savasana, or assisted me deeper into poses etc and this is something I’d really like to offer my students. It was a challenging, but fun 3 hours and I enjoyed trying out a range of assists / adjustments on fellow Yoga teachers. I am really looking forward to trying these out with my students!

My classes are continuing to progress and grow. Both my Sunday morning and Tuesday staff Yoga classes are onto their 3rd six week block and I am seeing lots of new faces at my Friday evening Gym classes. My Friday evening local classes can be a little hit and miss sometimes; people are tired and it can be hard to go to a Yoga class at 7:30 pm after a long week. I am so grateful to those who do make it along – I always really enjoy our classes together.

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