Well, June and July were so busy at work that I totally forgot to post for the month of June! During the first term of the new school year, you will hear teachers say “Great idea, we can look at that in the Summer term when we have more gained time”, forgetting that the last 2 months of the school year are mad, what with Music concerts, celebration assemblies, a Music Tour, trips, Sports Days etc! Let’s just say I was really looking forward to this Summer Holiday!

My classes continued to be wonderful throughout June. My favourite class had to be the one themed around the Summer Solstice, where I encouraged Yogis to reflect on the year they’d had so far and where they hoped the rest of the year would take them. I had the pleasure of attending a back garden flow with a lovely fellow Yoga teacher and was so inspired by her class that I used some of her sequences in my own summer solstice flow.


Despite taking two weeks off teaching due to going on a Music trip to Germany and taking 120 Year 10’s to Alton Towers, July has been super busy!!

I ended up teaching 8 Yoga classes in the first week of my Summer Holidays! These included my usual Friday night / Sunday morning classes, plus Sweat Yoga cover at Dallington, Yoga flow at DW fitness and Pilates cover at Fit4Less and Virgin Active! It has been fun planning pilates and Yoga infused classes, as well as including weights into some of my sequences.

July ended with a bang as I held my second Yoga Brunch. I knew from the moment people started coming in that it was going to be a wonderful morning as everyone really seemed to gel and get on with each other.

The theme of the morning was gratitude and there were a real range of emotions in the room as we explored cultivating gratitude not only in the Yoga class, but in our lives. I was particularly moved by the breathing activity at the end of the asana portion of the class, where yogis were asked to think of something they were grateful for on an inhale, and to say ‘thank you’ on the exhale. I could see people smiling, laughing silently, some shed soft tears – it really was beautiful.

My favourite part had to be the partner poses – seeing people work together to help each other stretch and yet feel supported. There were so many smiles and giggles!


On the theme of gratitude, I really need to thank my wonderful husband for supporting me, helping me to set everything up and for taking the most wonderful photos that really captured the morning beautifully

Once again, the food, all vegan and provided by Bharita, was wonderful. We opted for the slightly naughtier treat of banana bread, pancakes and copious amounts of fruit and topping, such as chia jam, maple syrup and a tahini based spread. It was delicious!

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