I can’t believe I am writing this as my Summer Holidays come to an end. That was honestly the fastest a school break has gone by in my 10 years of teaching!

Of course, I filled most of my days with as much Yoga teaching as possible! I just had a little flick through my diary and here are some stats:

I taught a total of 47 classes over the last month;

  • 28 of them were Yoga
  • 11 were Pilates
  • 10 were Barre
  • 1 was a Body Balance Class
  • 1 was a body conditioning class!
  • 1 was my Yoga Brunch

I taught at 8 different venues

  • 6 of which were gyms
  • 1 was a Yoga Studio
  • 1 was the local dance studio

I loved every minute of all this teaching! Having the opportunity to cover such a wide range of classes has really helped to push and develop my skills and to learn to work with a variety of different people and venues. The feedback I have received has been very positive, both from class attendees and gym managers / teachers, so that’s been great!

I was especially happy to have covered 2 classes for Camyoga, the guys I trained with. I had not been to their central studios before and it was fun teaching such large classes. It was also the first time I had taught a restorative Yoga class, which was a wonderful learning experience.

On top of all this gym cover, I am so excited to say that from September I will be teaching with Hotpod Yoga’s new franchise opening in Northampton! The lovely owner of the Northampton franchise got in contact early in the holidays and said she had been to one of my classes and would love me to be apart of the hotpod team! I had an immersion day in London just a few days ago and am so excited to teach my first ever class in the pod with friends, family, fellow yogis etc on Thursday 6th Sept. To start with I will just be covering the odd evening class here and there, but from Monday 24th Sept I will be teaching 2 classes on a Monday evening, 1 on a Weds evening and 2 morning classes on alternate Saturdays, with some Nurturing flows on a Sunday early evening too. How exciting!

I have also managed to find time to start thinking about holding a mini local retreat. Plans are steadily coming into place but I need to finalise some things first. To give you some idea, think of a cosy shared yurt, a hot tub and a log fire. Do you think you would be interested?

So now I need to start getting my brain back into school teaching mode! I will still be teaching my local classes and my regular Friday night gym slot, as well as 1-2 cover classes a week, so it’s going to super busy!

Keep an eye out on the main Facebook feed for more information about where you can practice with me and don’t forget to sign up for the Autumn themed Yoga brunch in October; one third of the tickets have already sold!

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